Hello sweet brown eyes.
Expecting the unexpected when I said hi. Keeping my feelings to myself yet you pull for me. Grasping for me in all sorts of directions but never the one that is straight like a beam. Mind everywhere and it is so very clearly that I’m stunting the kidd. Brush me off so I can try harder. Make me pursue you low key by being consistently inconsistent and dragging your emotions near me. Never really fully allowing yourself to give in. Becoming durable to your mind games of switching back and forth. Swaying in the wind, I become impassive and saturated with emptiness yet I still crave your affection.  I am not what you want verbally yet your actions are proving you can’t get enough of me. Tolerating my excitements yet subsiding my sensations with simple comments like calm down and relax to suppress my frankness. Nevertheless, I’m still chasing you. Like prey whose getting hunted because it’s you that I wanted. My eyes have a fixated somewhat obsessive gleam. Eventually I understand.  From the mysterious events, I distance myself for others to embrace. Backed up now and to my surprise, shawty is interested. Affections and words of confirmation. The hurt that has already occurred so early in the game. Leaves me in a vision of only desolation. Is this why my generation refuses to love and when we do, it’s something like a little bit too late ending in a triangle of mates who are lost with  no direction but to each other in this hurting game. Love. No. Losing to gain and gaining to lose, only to win a losing game. Smiles in the back of my mind. Creating memories that I might get confused but what’s wrong with taking a risk? Living my best life is what dey saying. I say I am going to chill but instead I project my objectives and mental state onto you. Speaking in bluntly coded words. Can’t say I never told you. And just like that, she was gone. No whispers of I love yous. Just wasted memories on what could have been. Taking a heavy heart as a loss and closing out love. But love has other plans because the cycle begins with another pair of beautiful brown eyes and a stunning white smile. Hello beautiful brown eyes.IMG_-o8m2p3