hello my love, can you stay for one last kiss.

i know we are over but it seems that my mind is only revolving around you and i need closure.

the lust for your physical appearance is surreal and breaks down every thought of me walking away and saying this is dead.

the desire for your love to really pierce in my heart, letting me know it was real and that i wasn’t living in a fantasy of what i thought we were .

hello my love, can you make sure that i feel it one last time by satisfying my mind with your precious words that make everything alright.

i’ll speak lowly to ensure i don’t get misconstrued as yelling.

i just want to be in your embrace on last time and take a minute to doubt this process

i need to smell your scent , kiss your lips, feel your touch and hear your voice in person one last time.

i need to make you feel all of my love for you and pour it into your heart and tantalize what was once mine one last time.

i need you to stay with me one last night because i want attention from you and this liquor bottle.

let me cry on your chest while you tell me everything is going to be ok and this the right choice for us.

let me think of all the good times poisoning my mind on what was the negative that i no longer see.

let me sink into the lies so i can live in a fantasy land of what i wanted us to be.

just stay one last night so i can have something to cling to on those lonely nights ahead.

just stay one last night.

i will let you leave in the morning.