The Lie You Tell


“are you ok”

“yes” i mumble as i let the sweetest lie drift between my lips.

my mouth sealed with a permanent marker of do not tell. my eyes screaming for someone to make me scream what’s wrong just so i can be let free. the water forming showing that i am a horrible liar.

“well how was your day”

i smile with nothing to say, a nod of my head as i try to walk away.

“i just don’t get it, why will you not talk to me”

i turn around to and see the confusion in their eyes. “nothing is wrong, I’m fine.” loosing my mind in a whirlpool of thoughts, i know i can’t keep up this front.

“ok, well I’m here if you ever want to talk”

“thanks, but I’m ok, really, i am.” trying to move past that chapter, yet, I’m writing in it. i haven’t let go, but i am trying to. and my eyes can’t seem to lie.