A Quick Healing Rant

i want women and men to understand that love is beautiful and no matter what, when someone first shows you their true colors, paint them those exact colors. not what color you want them to be. do not try and conform them to your liking. decide if their colors work for you, and if not. leave. you will be okay. it takes a person six months to truly start showing themselves. yep, after that time, you are already “in love” so you think, with much time and probably money invested. it is okay to still walk away. for your sanity, it is okay to leave.
women and men get so attached because we listen to our hearts and not our brains and guts. we know, this is probably going to end badly, but we have faith in people that we just don’t and will not give up. and this is where we mess up at. letting go, is not selfish but you have to watch out for yourself. you see the signs yet, you still stay and give love to people whom aren’t deserving. broken and shattered now, the person you meet who could love you as you should be loved has to put back the pieces, which is time consuming and can possibly break them in the process. you should never want to hurt anyone in  your healing process. just continuing the circle of hurt.
self healing is necessary. so many people in my generation really do not enjoy their own company or simply just don’t know how. they have to be around someone, doing something. how do you think you can heal? in some instances, some can’t heal until they are in the next relationship? and that my friend is completely the wrong answer. we really have to sit and love ourselves again before anyone else can. one asks, “how do i go about loving myself?”
it’s simple, do things you love to do. find hobbies and go out on self dates. enjoy yourself. for me, going to the gym, going to yoga classes and actually practicing yoga in my own home, working on my scrapbook( well anything arts and crafts related) and taking myself to the movies really help me get back to me). I even talk to myself (i just don’t respond back to myself).
it’s easier said than done, but how does one truly love the next when they are broken from their past? bringing those past issues into the current showing their pain. I’m just saying the hurt will forever be a scar but that is all it should be. a scar. not an open wound still. heal my loves so we can love peacefully.