hunt me to the end of world never letting me go…
you know that i am hurting, yet you keep soothing me with the battered images of i love yous disfiguring the truth with your misconception of lies.
establishing your view, i am going to place the perception of you within a silver tool.
allowing this silver utensil to glide transversely against my melanin taking all this suffering elsewhere.
i got this.
spurring from my body, i release the stress of my own tension.
i control the pain and it feels so good to be in control again.
deeper as a profound smile caresses my face knowing that within this moment, i am me.
exhilarated as i feel the pain seep aside to a distant place that my heart doesn’t reside.
the addiction to this pleasure is psychotic, but i do not want it under any other circumstances, i told you i got it.
enjoying the rides of these lonely nights.
my soft cries sending sweet lies of bliss and peace of mind in the wind to everyone encompassing me with evil grins.
autumn, my favorite, allowing me to dress in layers and cover the scars of previous bitterness.
dropping all things, allowing me to feel again, even if this contentment is only for a brief moment.
repeating until i am skin deep learning my body in new ways.
i have come too far to stop now, i want euphoria.
♥♥ so i wonder how deep ♥♥