Let us play a game, but say we are going to date. Let me swirl some fuck ups with the words I love you to keep you within my arms. Let me hurt your emotions deep down inside and listen to you cry.

Don’t worry baby, I’ll wipe your tears away with my words of promise that will keep that twinkle of hope in your eyes. The thought that one day, you will solely be mine.

I know this may sound fucked up, but I told you, I didn’t want a relationship even though I may show you time and time again through my actions, you are what I desire. You expressing your deep feelings to me is the last thing I wanna hear.

Let me hold you at night and whisper in your ear sweet nothings that will excite your mind creating thoughts of you and I in unseen memories. My words of promise mean nothing and you’ll keep taking me back because you’re built of hope and that is what I feed off of.

I am going to make sure you keep fighting for me, for us, while I still do my thing. out and about not caring about your feelings, because I know with some soft words, you’ll be okay.

Unfortunately, one day, you might give up, but I’ll have a good six months to scramble your brain up. Making you build a huge wall giving the one who truly deserves your love a huge battle when trying to it break down.

I just hope when you leave, I don’t accidentally fall in love with you hurting my self in the long run. To then play victim of being hurt and starting this game all over again with someone new.