Let me explain:

We love in a way that is indescribable. We can love in the most sensual, hectic yet calm manner. We get enticed and tortured by the love we make mentally. Moving past ones insecurities that were elaborated and entertained has its way of creating doubts within oneself. People do not understand that once damage has been done, the heart forever carries that scar. Moving past the hurt is harder than one says. Move on and forgive when it was a roundabout of the same story. An infinity of returns of the same ending eventually comes to an end. No one understands and some feel like the change will never come and they are left with the cycle of hurt and pain. However, when the pain has left it’s like a newborn’s first breathe of air. The carelessness of all the agony. Reminding and never given that time to clear the mind. The flaws on both parties cuz neither rode the high horse. The end is where it went, but ember still has its light. With zig zag sentiments, we just can’t leave each other alone. Back and forth as we sway together in the fire of each other making the intensity rise higher than ever before. The fake ambiance of a lovers mingle. Smile because it looks good on you when you are suffocating in your own air. So tell me correctly what it means when you say choose me. Like this a game, and I am wining? The loss of a partner, him or her. My heart yearns while my mind is screaming. The story line of multiple people in this generation. It isn’t taking advantage of a woman’s heart that has been beat until the very end. Waking up and ending the line of I didn’t want to lose you so I put up with the agonizing bullshit. To I need just friends and lust taking over. Now you are caught in a triangle of love and lust but which is which? Invasion of promises that is told again. Lover vs. Friends. Waking up to realize your heart is numb because you aren’t waking up to the one you called bae but a teddy from some valentines ago. So lost within your own membrane you try and speak to your inner being. Realizing that the love will always be there. Going ghost isn’t key. Face your problems and understand that getting over someone doesn’t mean laying under another. I could go on but I think you caught my point.