Something like Forbidden Fruit

Forget you, I’ll forget you. Trying to imagine your hand slowly gripping my throat embracing the beat to my heat. The flow of my passion running through the grips of your fingers tips. So unforeseen, this vibrant dynamic. A duo that prolly wasn’t meant to be. Didn’t think we would come this far. A quick smash and dash.  Both having lives to maintain and a lie to commit. Constraining to the conformity that involves wearing a simple uniform that has us mercilessly lurking in the dark. Where we play endlessly, embracing the scene of the unfamiliar adding something like fire to burning sensations of what feels like a dream. Ringers off while moans can heard mountains away. The throbbing pain of you and her. I have niggas and you have bitches, yet it isn’t even complicated. Smooth criminals walking briskly in the midnight wind. Carelessly soaking in all of our emotions into each other as if love has yet to take a swing. It’s not like earlier, being so stereotypical.  Choking on words that are at the tip of our tongues. Refusing to let certain words pour from our lips. Beginning to release all of my thoughts in your heart while clinching my feelings within. Postponing my feelings because of the confusion I am rousing within this trio. Someone is going to get hurt and I don’t feel it will be me in any shape or form. I guard my heart as though I am withheld in an indestructible mechanism. My heart is something I am not ready to give up but dammit you’re holding all the aspects that I want, just not sure. Not playing my cards because I am not sure if this is what I want. Careers very prominent.  Habits that coincide but causing false emotions. Is this real because I am beginning to feel unsure. Allowing this beautiful universe to take lead and show me signs. It’s silly to think how the stars are starting to align. Those beautiful brown eyes grabbing my inner being with no regret. After evaluating the situation, you are ready for all the risks. Showing me how to feel with no barriers emotionally yet, you hold yours. I called it fare only because I’m running on inside allowing myself to be open and free.