Articulate the truth to me, no matter how much it might make my heart ache.

Let me see who you are, inside and out. Don’t hide anything, let me break down that barrier you cling to so deeply.

Stop fronting like you are someone you are not before you truly loose me.

Don’t lessen your affection for me and play like you don’t want me when your words scream I’m your everything while your actions start showing me something different.

Embrace me got dammit.

Wanting to dive deep but unsure because of the feelings you give me.

Knowing i should walk way but the high i get from you makes me lose all senses so here i stand.

Wanting to be in your presence, even though every time i walk away, a trail of tears lead the way

Why do i do this to myself?

The crazy part is, you know how i feel and yet you continue to hurt me emotionally and I stayed hoping for change.

Maybe after time, things will.