Love Lost

Thinking of you twenty four seven but then i think of my feelings, and let it all go. Maybe we will reconnect because we are supposed to be together. The universe works in such mysterious ways. Drifting into a sea of abyss. Lost yet i know where i am. Vibes that can’t be mistaken. Highs that we don’t want to come down from. Emotions running around my membrane causing migraines. Feeling my feelings. Wondering why must i hurt my feelings but in that whirlwind of a romance, I was hurting even more. Trying to get my mind right, only to feel the gravity pulling and reaching for you. Soft touches are no more. Loving you was amazing but now it’s time to get back to loving me. Find a way to release your memories and move forward because with the many tries, it was all said to be true. I am just not for you. Prayed for you and you prayed for me. Maybe the timing was off, however what has been done and the scars that unconsciously rack my heart with insecurities are very noticeable. Words and actions on both ends that can’t be taken back. So what is there to do when both are distant and neither want to speak. Missing each other but to hurt to revive the lost communications. A love lost.