What’s Love?

I am always asking myself if i know what love is?

Have i ever truly experienced that feeling? the undying unconditional feeling of love from a person i am intimate with. Can i honestly say i have?

I know that love hurts and I’ve been put thru several trials where my trails of tears have traveled to a pool filled of my own misery. Constantly aware of the rivers that were created from previous cries of a situation that is no longer.

I know that love is suppose to take time, and i have waited for some to love me the way i loved them. But then i think, if i don’t know what love is, then how can i expect them to love me correctly. Was i portraying it wrong? Maybe i took just treating me how i wanted to be treated as love?

I know that love can make you blind, because i lost all sight and let things slide when i know I shouldn’t have. Allowed things to go with the flow when i knew in my gut it wasn’t right but i was so struck with a strong feeling of wanting them in my life. i just figured with time, they will see how much i love them and would finally jump on board.

I know love is love, yet, i feel confused when i love hers and get pushed to love hims. I used to think something was wrong with me, but i loved the view of a woman’s body and started to dabble with touches soon to realize bodies mingling was better than any other drug.

I know that love is suppose to be magical, but i am just so unsure if i have ever experienced the better half of love. That love, i have no definition for, but only what i have experienced. So im curious, if i ever truly experienced love, or just the words of i love yous mixed with lust that hold on to me because i have what they call a good heart.