Foolishly Unnecessary

I let my anxiety create unnecessary insecurities.

It’s crazy how I compromised because of your lies.

I foolishly allowed myself to go blind of your actions cuz they were softly covered in beautiful satin sorries.

The fact that I built up my tolerance on things that made me want to up and leave caused me to think and react differently.

Creating and allowing you to take hold of me in ways I’d never imagined.

Mentally you raped me and left me there naked in my all of truth doubting myself as if I never understood my own self-worth.

Secretly I would let go yet somehow you’d know and reel my ass back in.

Pivoting on ways to feel like I’m actually okay but in the midst of it all, I lost myself.

Not knowing who I was because I let you diminish her with little tales of negativity that disregarded my feelings.

So here I lay and you might as well bury me because I once thought I was a queen you guarded so heavily.

Until I found out I was just merely a pawn in your game of mind games and false love that immersed me in misery and self-hate.