Broken Patience

Patiently, I waited for you. I refused to give up on you with all the tears that filled my eyes.

I compromised and took you back knowing that change doesn’t happen overnight.

Yet every time, my heart was broken and I cried over white lies the feeling of anxiety filled me over time.

I allowed myself to plunge deep into a hole of sayings like, “it will get better” because I didn’t know my own self worth.

Downing wine trying to forgive on a drunken mind.

Being in this place too many times before, new face, same heartbreak

Nonetheless, I have faith in new beginnings.

A fool to have such things in my membrane.

I should have listened to that voice that was inside my mind and gut screaming in unison that you weren’t the one.

But like a fool, I stayed and let you in.

Hearing words of, “I love you” gave me false feelings as I devoted my heart to a stranger I didn’t even know.

Lesson learned yet, it’s become a choice to allow myself to hurt.

I’ve lived this lesson too many times trying to give people the chance to treat me right.