Me Asking too Many Questions

Is anxiety really a thing?

Is overthinking something we can control?

How can we regulate panic attacks when our minds start going into over drive?

Why is time a healer of all wounds when my heart seems like its bout to beat its last beat?

Why does heart break hurt so bad when it’s not physically hurting your heart?

Why does everything have to be so emotional and when I try to go numb, I am remembered by pictures that I don’t wanna erase because of the sweet memories we made?

Why did I stay and fight for something that wasn’t truly there?

Why must I constantly do this to myself and when will this fucking repeat of failed relationships end cuz even though I know I’m strong an got this, I truly feel lost and that this is what my fate is?

Unresolved love.

Where my mind and heart will never be in sync cuz I don’t know how to let go and let the universe do its thing.