St Louis- Rooster

This was my very first place eating in St. Louis Missouri, and it was by far the best. Now, I know I can be a bit of a hype man, but this place was amazing! Okay so let me start off by saying, I do love food it is hard for me not to like to something. I take comfort in food. I am a vegetarian and some restaurants have limited options when it comes to vegetarians. However, this place had a good selection. I thought the menu was cute. Very simple and easy to read. The menu was detailed of what was in everything and options to replace some items. Very thoughtful in my eyes. There are two locations and I actually went to the both because, well my first experience was nice.

The restaurant I went to was 1104 Locust St first. The restaurant had its very own mood. One that made me feel very relaxed and homey compared to the one on 3150 S Grand Blvd. Locust St had a friendly down to Earth vibe while I felt Grand Blvd was more of a simple upscale scene in its layout. Both very nice and welcoming. I suppose when you go into Locust St and you see yellow chairs with roosters painted on a burnt orange wall with cute little buckets full of condiments, you feel either roomy or in a modern downtown chic place. Either way, I was loving every minute of it.

From the time I entered, there was said to be a long wait, but actually it wasn’t. We received our tables within fifteen minutes and there was a large crowd. Of course that was to be expected because their rating on google was rather high. Another reason I figured this was a good place was when we pulled up. The door lady was all smiles which kind of freaked me out but then I realized all the waiters were smiley too, even down to the bus boys. I honestly never seen this before. But then again it was a beautiful day outside that day. Rooster was very clean, in both places. I even tried to scope the back area where they got the drinks from and umm yea, it was clean back there. I did ask for some hot water in a cup for my silverware. Only because they had the water deposits from the dishwasher. *I literally do this in every restaurant I go to, trying to break this habit*.

NOW: On to the food!!!!! As you can see I was pretty full. I couldn’t even finish it. My pancakes were delicious. I never had so many nuts with my pancakes before, but I ate as much as I could. Plus having braces, made it a little more aggravating. They were of Banana Nut Pancakes. But bananas were caramelized those bad boys were gone before I put the syrup on the rest. And get this, my pancakes were all warm. Can you imagine eating warm pancakes in the mid-morning afternoon lol, it was brunch after all.

Now these biscuits and gravy were the BOMB DOT COM!! There were two different options, regular beef gravy or vegetarian gravy. So of course I ordered the vegetarian gravy. Now if you don’t like sweet, I wouldn’t recommend you getting these. I enjoyed them, they tasted sweet but with the buttermilk biscuits, they were perfect for me. I ordered these as my appetizer, because they came in half which was one biscuit in half or the full which came with two biscuits in half. I wish I would have ordered the full because I couldn’t stop raving about them that I went back the next time I visited for some more. Instead of going to the Locust St this time, I went to Grand Blvd. The biscuits were pretty good, but it was something about Locust St Gravy and Biscuits that I still rave about to this day. I’ve been to St. Louis twice and each time, I’ve visited them. It’s safe to say, I will be visiting them again 😉