You strayed away from me because u were scared

of what could be.

You found that love that you been dreaming of.

So you sabotaged the could of been

by distancing yourself

crying wolf.

Afraid that if you feel 100 percent

I’d leave you and that scared you more than anything.

Opening up to me.

Allowing yourself to feel free.

Running from what u craved

you threw us away

and now all I have are memories.

I fit you

perfectly and loved you


You know

you know that you loved me

but scarficed your feelings because of the past beings.

You ran and threw stones emotionally making me feel as if it was me.

You made loop holes like rabbits digging in its Warren creating a home only to be destroyed by its surroundings.

You left me


because you were afraid of my honesty.

Flaws and all

I was there for you

willing to break down that wall of stone you created and turn it into a stream of sweet memories that was


I could have been ur everything

showing you the wonders of love that’s hidden deep within.

The dark is what you like

and even tho its comforting

everything must come to light.

I was willing to bore your needs and cuddle your emotions like a newborn baby with new energy.

I was willing to make sure you knew you had a wife to be.

We both fought separately

instead of learning each others needs and catering to the lines in between.

I wanted to water you

watch you grow

and build you from the concrete.

A rose that has thorns and even tho you cut me

i was willing to bleed.

Willing to clip ur ends and make sure you still blossomed even tho you felt the wilt begin.

Your love mixed with mine could have been so simple if only time could have slowed down allowing ourselves to truly blend

and mix completely.

Distance with distant emotions

you let go because you were afraid of something you wanted so desperately.

In a plot of dead weeds

I’ll eventually blossom with the flower

that’s for me.