The hardest thing to do is let it go. Letting go of that person that made you happy even on your worst day. A simple text after an argument would make you smile and you would feel everything would be ok. Eventually everything good thing comes to end. You are blocked for trying to fight for the love between yall. Then you lose yourself in your emotions. Lost and numb but still yearn for a simple, I miss you text.


They moved on boo and not necessarily with someone else, but most definitely from you. All your cries will go unheard and before you become the crazy ex. You gotta leave em alone.

*clears throat* (Note to self in the event I go through another breakup)

No break up is easy, no matter how mutual it is. No matter how tough the relationship was. That person was a part of you in some sense. You talked every day and to go cold turkey can really make a girl go a lil nuts.

I know it’s hard and some days you just want to reach out, but you can’t. Because if it was their idea, you’ll push them away completely. The worse break up is when no one cheated, but ya’ll just couldn’t get it together. The communication sucks and ya’ll are long distance. Man oh man. I tell ya. Shit hurts in the worse way.

Forcing yourself to go out and be with friends instead of being where you want to be which is in your bed, crying for them to try just one more time isn’t going to do anything but make it harder.

Talking to myself here for the most part.

Giving myself lil pep talks to help in the moment I feel my body fizzing up.

The worst thing a person can hear, is that they are happier without you. The heartbreak of that alone with the actual break up will allow the crazy come out in the worse way. To the point where you are blocked from their life and that’s it. All that time you invested, vanished with a take care, and you will be fine in due time line.

The temptation of calling just to hear their voice and or text just to see their name pop up on your screen. It’s like a high, and addiction. I saw on a twitter that said, “ when you realize you can’t live life without her, it’s time to leave her.” Hmmmm, what is your take on that?

My mom says they always come back, but do they really? It is usually just to make sure you’re ok but to never try and get back with you. A Instagram post said, it was because they couldn’t find anything better than you and a friend said, it was to see if they have a hold on you still. The person I was with said, if it’s real love and it’s meant to be, it will come back around in a better time. Different view on the same subject, so many different perspectives .

What’s are your thoughts?