Lessons from Her

I thought I had you

I thought we would last a lifetime

I never saw the lies

I was blinded by what I wanted most

Love and a companion, yet you held none of those

I trusted your words only to be let down by replaying a story I promised myself I wouldn’t

I leaped off of faith and fell back into heartbreak

I allowed myself to feel for you when I said I wouldnt allow my feelings to ever come through

Again, yet I lied to myself ..allowing you in

But this time, I stopped myself from falling fully

Realizing the truth I see clearly

I’m not who I thought I was and I thank my ex for that

Hurting me so bad that I refuse to feel that pain again

I leave you and I remember, damn

I had what I wanted this whole time within myself

I love myself enough to walk away and I cherish myself, enjoying my own company

I can live my best life..alone should that be what the stars have aligned for me