A Woman’s Road Less Traveled.

The darkness of not knowing. Believing she could, she is and surprising all her mental hurtles that laid down its law to keep her mind swirling in chaos. Anxiety had no clue, but the bad bitch that dwelled inside her was starting to show. The courage to step up and shine her light had everyone amazed.

No longer was she timid, scared, hurt, lingering on the what ifs and could have beens. She realized the past is the past. Just that and has started her journey moving the hell on. She said she was sick of this Earthly emotional shit.

Not necessarily moving on romantically, but more so in herself. Looking in the mirror, realizing that chocolate dream looking back at her, is herself. She felt more sexy than before, and man did it start to show.

Her sexual aura started to glisten like a slightly glazed summer peach. Her lips murmured lust but with no intention. Her smile became charismatic. Her passions began to burst through. Aggression subsided into deep words of wisdom.

Piercing her into her eyes, she chooses to become who she is suppose to be. The long hard road that she was so afraid to travel, but dammit she is making that trip, because she sees the end goal. And it looks so beautiful from her view.

Allowing herself to feel free, open and vulnerable, she allows herself to be herself, take lead and charge over what she wants. Understanding road is built with barriers, she is aware and has on her armor and ready for battle. Her dreams will be a reality.

She will not accept defeat. She is going to rise like the Queen she is and the Queen she was meant to be. Just lost track for bit. The focus needed to be shifted. The love she was giving away,

Was the love she needed to make this change and be on her way. The blacks women’s road less traveled.