Goodbye K

I told you truths. I mastered making you feel heard and wanted. I allowed myself to fall deep into you. Acting as if I was her. I’m not. I’m just a friend who has longed for you since day one. Never the first option. I feel it all recycling over. I thought this go round would be different but here I lie as a woman who just falls for the wrong one every single time. I should have known better but here I am falling for a woman that could never be mine. The friendship that we was building sparked old emotions. I wish I could go back in time and left it were it was but here I am. The fool as always, left friendzoned. Never the first option. Always a side piece, burner, toy, the second option until the first comes around. I have never felt so low before. I could be a fuck boy but imma just keep on keeping on. Writing notes to myself because I knew better. I knew better than to fall for someone that already choose their life partner. Never wanting them to end, but I guess I just saw my lifestyle adding spice. Anywho, I have mastered the art of detachment so as I write this goodbye, I abolish the feelings that was created and showcase not the hurt but the warmth of a true friendship.