Drowning in Paradise

Release your intentions

I’m not sure what this entails but I’m ready for what’s to come

Bodies starting to intertwine

Blood vessels pumping intensity thats creating a space so serene

Tantizlied by your commands my body is here to serve your every need

Mold me and bend me into the shapes you please

Lovingly caressing every inch of me mentally

My membrane is covered, protected and disguised as your new play ground

Slowing becoming numb to psychology and physical pain

All the while I see the pulses of your touch creating mountains of pressure uptop my skin

The pressure is pulling deep within

Thw thought that I was drowning in my own pain that I created from the outside world

You release the anger, frustrations and hurt

Every grip creating a new gate for my heavenly passion to pour from deep within

Body glistens and now im marked in red

I embrace the feelings as my mind starts to feel lighter and float free

Even tho its only for just a few moments, my mind was at ease