The Shift

I’m kind of confused where we went wrong? Don’t get me wrong. It was nice in the beginning. You cared for my emotional and mental wellbeing. Checkins. Constant jokes and dry humor. Hilarious. But somewhere along the lines it all stopped. I was no longer a priority in your life. I felt the shift, just unsure when. The words of my insecurities aren’t your problems when as friends the words slipped from your mouth that I should be with someone who cares. I thought that person was you. Yet, again, I was wrong. But how when the very reasons I fell for you where the very reasons that ended us.

A shift happened and im not sure. When did you stop caring? Why? I communicated my needs and tried my best to love you even through the times I was unsure.

A shift changed the way we spoke together. The activities we used to do together. Sexual tensions died out and we were left alone to our commodities.

Now I know a shift is suppose to happen and I’m okay now. Just gotta stop racking my brain on the why and when, because in reality, I feel a mask was worn and the true identity was shown in course of time. Not sure if it was I or you or both of us.

A shift happened and now that we’ve been left alone to feel this shift. I’ve been thinking and I know im going to be okay. Would’ve been nice to shifted together. But life is all about shifting gears and adjusting.

Shifting my mind, mentally and emotionally. Shifting my body, physically and spiritually. Shifting alone to navigate this new space. Its nice but still hurts.

We will always be shifting but finding a person to shift with is something I do hope to find. And it’s okay if I dont.

Shift in your space as I shift in mine. Shifting like a shape-shifter to focus and align.