The Hard Part of Self Love

Space to Feel every emotion. Im not sure why I’ve been so inclined to trauma.

I allow space for feelings that run deeper than those that seek superficial encounters.

Emotions going haywire, taking hold of the new challenges and submitting to the unknown.

Bare and unseen, feeling serene yet caught in the chaotic rant of those around me.

You see, I thought I covered my scars unaware that they were still bleeding, hence that’s what called ur attention.

Some people enjoy opening new wounds, triggering then leaving. Outta sight out of mind, yet yearning for sweet memories you really never recieved.

Fasle pretenses on what life should be.

Mending yourself, not because of them but because they made you realize you weren’t done healing.

Doing the hard work and not asking yourself why. But answering that inner child of whose gonna save me?

Healing isn’t linear, my favorite catch phase, but triggers are concerning when it’s the only reason you feel connections. Burning intensities that are given in fleeting moments.

Creating craters you have to fill. Once again, the cycle continues.

To feel safer, covered and unbothered. Alone in my own space, entangled in my own embrace.

Setting pure intentions and moving freely. I am the raven soaring through the skies, watching the snakes beneath me.

Even tho I scarred myself because I smiled through the pain, making no acknowledgement and thinking everything would go back to being the same.

Breaking down rules, running through  stereotypes, im claiming this round is for me before im pronounced insane.

The tears I’ve cried, intensifying the mental parts of me. I truly believe my past didn’t make me, but it sure did play a major role in whom im trying to be.

I’m here before you, naked and true.
Making way for my trauma, creating space for my emotions, hearing my thoughts. Allowing to feel.

An ounce of love, sprinkled with purity.

Noone can pour into you, because the pouring comes from within.

And some days you may only have a slither of hope. But babee that hope can make huge mountains feel like tiny little hills.

Photo Taken IG: @acrjackson