She Wasn’t Lost

She wasn’t lost.

She crossed many roads to navigate this vast space. Pacing through whirlwinds trying to save face. She submerged herself in her own cries. Feeling powerless, succumbed to her own sentiments. She didn’t recognize her reflection and sat in this new state of mind. Lifted and swaying in her own ocean. The tears she has cried, the wounds that are still bleeding, the hurt that resides.

She wasn’t lost, she was finding her way.

Waves that overpowered her yet put her into motion. She created mountains of words that buried her. Startling and scary, yet empowered her. Navigated countless nights trying to find her luminous light. She starred into the starry nights. Finally, listening and firing up that flame inside. Taking joy of being alone, no phone to communicate with the outside world. She took shelter in her own mind, trying to find her why. She realized and released all things that didn’t bring her comfort and started to forge a new life. Like a knife, she cut strings and attachments in a blink of an eye. She didn’t look back as she said her goodbyes.

She wasn’t lost. She was finding her way in a world that she created.

Hence, when she stopped her cries and pleas for life. She was filled with breathe and an oomph to explore this new route. Growing through pains and gaining new gains. The once burdensome travel, was ignited into a glowing path. No more wrath but peace as waves tickled her toes. Her breathe was tranquil, and her words flowed into affirmations. Creating a solid foundation without fixations and frustrations. Preconceived notions turned into creations. Her mind became a new navigation for her imagination.

She wasn’t lost. She was finding her way in a world that she created, and now can finally rest in.