Darken Paths

Growing up, I was left to my own vices. Told to figure it out on my own. A not so bright path that I had to walk unaided.

Never letting a tear fall. Emotions weren’t allowed to be shown. Rationalizing how life should be for a child with emotional available parents.

Straying until I figured out I had no choice. Letting go at my discretion. It was either stay in the dark or find your own light.

Unavailable emotional detachments. Numb and tolerating the spaces around me. Drowning yet noone can see me reaching for support.

Sleep became inconsistent. A walking zombie. Emotionally drained and draining those that surrounded me. Unintentionally, I became who I had been running from.

Unlearning the traits I started mimicking. Becoming a mirror but not projecting. I am a product of unhealed trauma.

Traveling the road less traveled. Patient with unlearning to relearn.