A two letter word containing one vowel. Such a simple word, a simple statement, an adverb, adjective and noun.
Is it easy to say no? Many do not know how to create that term verbally so it floats around in the empty space in their brain. No-one seems to let that particular term slip between their lips. For what reason, that’s unknown. How simple would it be to say:
no, you cant have my heart
no, I do not want anything more with you
no, I just do not want to anymore
no, I do not want to go
no, I don’t like how you are talking me
I love the thought of sayin NO without having to explain why, because why is my reason for no any of your concern? Growing up hearing No so much, it shouldn’t be that hard to fathom from our own vocal cords. Yet, we became micro people pleasers to attain admiration for those around us to hear yes, since all we’ve ever heard was no. Overtasking ourselves, exhausting the many parts of our souls. We say Yes when deep down inside we are crying internally to scream:
I have come to the conclusion that the populations know this so they ask anyway. The hesitancy yet they reach for a YES. A simple term yet so hard to speak. Living in a world of yes men creating havoc. I just want peace. Peace to say NO when the next seems to always say yes. I guess, saying no thank you is the more polite manner. Nevertheless, we are lost in our own lies creating and finding excuses to make that NO valid when in reality, its just a simple no. No rhyme or reason behind it.
Honestly, there is no reason why NO has to have a solid foundation. Speak freely on what you mean and mean what you say. If no is that is answer, then so may it be. Don’t question yourself or think twice causing your membrane to go insane.