Kitten K – Story Time

“Baby girl” I hear bae calling me but not sure because of their tone…kind of sound like daddi was calling me…buttt I’m not too sure.

…I look around like ….”huh”

“Come here…” she said but I wasn’t trying to move a muscle in the bed.

“Im laying down…cant you come here. Ugh” with loud ass moans and groans.

I hear her voice get stern when she stated “Baby girl… Come. Here.”

Whines…..”for whattttt” *sucks teeth*

….I start to hear her belt start to come undone and unconsciously I lay there with a delvish smile waiting her to come…but she didn’t…a few seconds go by an it gets really quite…tv is turned off n there isn’t any music playing. So im thinkin. Ahhh shit, I might be in trouble…smh *face palm* but then I think to myself…when she call me baby girl it’s usually for something in my favor or for me… soooo I get up with a bratty attitude.

“Im here…what is so important I had to get out of bed…?” Shaking my head with the most attitude I could fathom from my body.

She pulled out a little box that said baby girl on it wrapped in a pretty green…my eyes lit up because I love giffies from daddi.

I went to grab the box but then she pulled it out of my reach before I could get my hands on it…

*lips poking out* “Why did u put it in my view if i cant have it?” In a very sad but aggy, bratty tone.

“Because u didnt listen and I had to call you twice. That is grounds for me to take this back. You know bad girls dont get giffies from daddi.” In a very stern voice that made my body shiver. I almost teared up because I figured she possibly would take it back. We made eye contact and she saw the glistening start to pour into my eyes.

She whispered get on all fours in my ear so softly that I almost felt like I could regain my giffie back.

Without any hesitation I rolled over on all fours. I heard her footsteps walk into the closet. My mind what is she about to make me do? Thinking to myself, do it. Whatever it is. Do it.

At this point im like wtf an low key pissed cuz its my fault my giffie might get taken away.

She came back and gently grabbed my hair an whispered in my ear in a very low n sexy voice,” i dont like bad girls. Pull your panties down”

..and I obviously did as I was told. I heard her squeezing a bottle and I already knew what time it was…

Kitten K was about to make her appearance. She glided her hands against my bare bottom. I felt the stainless steel leash that she stored in the freezer. My body shook and I heard her grunt in taunting but pleased manner. Felt as though ice had been placed on my back and it stung but I couldn’t let up. So I took the discomfort.

I start thinking to myself…I didn’t want the belt…cuz that shit hurts and getting spankings turn into sex somehow…

“Deep breathe in.” And I moaned out loudly as I felt the unexpected penetrate me. I was now in complete form as I had my collar, leash and tail in. My face frowned because it hurt but only for a brief moment.

She gently said, “Don’t get upset now.”

“Im sorry daddi. Please I’ll do anything. But please dont punish me. Ill be a good girl. Ive been a good girl this far.” I started to plwad. As if I was pleading for my life in court. I go to look into her eyes cuz thats her weak spot…

“Look to the ground” she commanded.

….I did as I was told. I felt my heart beating fast as I figured the worse was about to happen. She was way to calm.

She told me to recite my babygirl creed that she created when she decided she wanted to own me. Proud as ever with the biggest smile on my face, I proudly said it loudly and when I was done, I saw a sly smile on her face.

I knew I had pleased her and that she wasn’t upset with me anymore.

She calmly got up and went back to the couch n grabbed my giffie!!!

She said I could open it if and only if, I kissed her ever so gently on her lips. Our kisses were always so passionate because I loved her so much, she felt it every time I kissed her or even just touched her.

I went to get up off the floor to come where she was and she told me,” baby girl, kittens cant walk on their hind legs.”

I dropped to the ground as if someone had chopped my legs off and went to all fours. Started crawling to her and stopped to scratch my self behind my ear because it itched. Then I licked my paw and resumed to her. When I finally reached her, I started rubbing against her legs waiting for her to pet me and tell me I was a good girl and to sit. She waited a few seconds then proceeded to pet me back and tell me what a good girl I was. I gleemed inside.

“SIT” with such demanding tones, I sat my cute lil kitten ass down in moght I add a very pretty stance.

I started looking at her with my head tilted with curousity in my eyes.

She placed the giffie in front of me. “Wait dont touch.” I looked at wrapped green box and became fidigety. She looked at me, then sat back…made me wait a whole damn minute before she said “alright baby girl, go head n open ur giffie.”

I grabbed the box and opened it and eyes lit up!.

It was a new tail, kitten human mittens, knee pads and ears that all matched!!! I asked can I please try them on. I bought them to her with my mouth and she told me ” take off all ur clothes. Kittens dont wear clothes” I happily did as told.

I took off all of my clothes and stood in front of her on all fours. I turned around so she could put in my new tail and put on my new accessories. I was like a human kiddo in those candy stores. I was elated. I thought to myself, this is amazing. Daddi really loves her kitten. *heart eyes*

She went to the closet leaving me in the living room….and I was wayyyy too cute to be left alone. I wanted to be seen. So i followed. On all fours like a kitten does her master..I follwed her…into the closet an sat there while she rumaged thru some things. She found my collar that had my name on it! It also had a bell cuz I was known for poucing on her without a notice and that got me in trouble cuz she didnt know I was coming. So now she can hear my every move. *sucks teeth* But I suppose. *rolls eyes*

After she put my collar on she went back to the couch and of course I followed her…again *smiles*

I sat there on the floor and curled up on my blanket looking at her with such admiration that I had a good owner.

“Cmon baby girl, come cuddle.” And my eyes lit up like fireworks on thw 4th of July!!!!!

I quickly got up and pounced on her. She shook her head and with irritation she softly worded,”all of that.”

I giggled. And cuddled up to her while she rubbed my booty causing me to fell alsleep.

…..2 hours later…..

I woke up n go to the bathroom to clean my self up n toys from my tail n put away my new accessories like a good girl in my play box. I’m an extremely happy camper as we get dressed from our nap cuz its date night.