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What’s it like to be someone’s baby girl “Little”

Well it’s amazing. Its scary yet enticing all in the same breathe. Trusting someone with yourself completely can truly have you insane over a person. They love you correctly, making sure you feel safe and ensure you have everything your little heart desires that is within their reach. Within this picture (that’s lil ole me on the floor there) I am at complete submission. Lost in my mind. This is called subspace. It’s a place where I disappear to where I pretty much have no control over my physical being. This just happens. Nothing I can truly control if my Domme “Daddy” knows how to bring me into submission. It is crazy to think that even with my trust issues I’d allow someone to completely control me for an hour or so…but here we are. *insert chuckle*

“I love you Baby Girl”

To hear her say those words are the best to me. Yes “SHE”. Funny right how a she can be my daddy. Let’s just say ya girl might have some real life daddy issues but nothing that deep. Guess you are wondering why my Domme is a she eh?  But moving from that *clears throat*

Here we are

I change up real quick when it comes to the gender

You’d be surprised.

I am also dominate, but ill share that at another time……