Loose Yourself

Blink for a moment and escape in time. Listen to what your heart . Let me break down all barriers. Sink you into submission and allow every temptation to come to life. Remind me of how magical that melanin is. Show off mama, and twirl in some pretty thangs. Embrace the dancing of your emotions as if you were sane. Shut the world out and let my eyes gaze over your bare and naked soul. Let me break down those walls that keep you from allowing that fire inside to burn in a frenzy. Allow your inner sins to shine. Loose yourself within yourself. Dont worry, I will not let any harm come your way. You can trust me, as my intentions for you are pure with slight remarks of desired pain. Gazing into my eyes as my paddle releases such sweet vibrations against the softest place on your bare behind. The movements that will tantilize and excite your insides. Welcome those feelings that you have held deep inside for so long anticipating me to arrive. Accept the fact that you are normal within your limits and your consent is beautiful. Heading to a different head space that you loose the realization of time. Loose yourself, sit back and just enjoy the ride.