Let me ride your wavelength. Holding you closer than you have ever been clinched.

Let me deep inside your membrane so I can visually see all the things that you try to hide.

Let me kiss every inch of your mind leaving my wet imprints.

Allow me to soak into your intuition bringing you to a point of ecstasy you thought no longer exists.

Feel me mentally sounding off your past mistakes and histories. Let me slowly enhance the way you think.

Follow my sweet brown skin that rises when it gets tantalized by the vibes of your high energy swaying in the wind. The smell of honey and your company.

Feeling you grip your sanity every moment I fabricate a moment for us to mingle in each others presence.

Listen to the heartbeat when ours combine. Do you hear me because I want you to listen and comphrend all the things I truly want to do you introspectively. Theoretically speaking I would make love to you without even handling you. Fondling the thought of me making an influence that determined your decision in altering your character. Making you feel worthy and desirable within yourself.

Knowing you dont have to touch to have your mind and body wandering if it’s love and could this be an endless feeling with this one being? Love is never a physical thing, its mental fucks that truly take the win. Leaving you blind and hopeful with smiles of lust within.

Never knowing if it’s an forever thing.